Martha has a deep strategic and practical understanding that innovation is irrelevant without a consumer need: the transformative power of innovation is in connecting it to people’s lives and emotional experience.

At the leading edge of innovation, Martha has brought major consumer technologies, products and platforms to market in many industries over decades.


Martha played a key role in the agency launches of every IBM PC from 1982 to  1985; every Apple product launch from  1986 to  1990; the launch of Claris; the introduction of Hitachi laptops to the US; the re-positioning of Epson USA; the global re-branding of Novell; and as an investor and board member in the start-ups of a handful of early internet data companies.


In the skin care category, Martha brought high tech product development approaches to Neutrogena. Healthy Skin, the first mass retail brand to successfully formulate and market products with dermatology ingredients like Alpha Hydroxy Acids, was one of Martha's many initiatives. The innovation drove category growth, retailer success, company revenue and helped position Neutrogena as an attractive acquisition for J&J.


Working with Domino's turnaround team from  2000 to 2004, Martha led the JWT groups that helped the pizza maker build a new  product development pipeline, one that yielded many successful products  like Chicken Kickers and Philly Cheese Steak Pizza. Success was built on on an innovative understanding and activation of what consumers wanted in a pizza experience.

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